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~Wrapping up~ April 16, 2008

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A dash of sunshine crosses my heart,i was so pissed mad at myself for being so blind in believing what others said before they proceeded into the nitty-gritty details. but then i am easily cheer-up when there are moments when something funny happens and i keep myself apart from the not-so-important issues.

i seriously fuck off those heartbreaker, if you can’t mum your promises why would you recite your grievances to somebody?! everybody would have been so dissapointed that they chose to trust you at first. when all trust started to fall apart, the insecured person inside me just chooses to treat the issues( fact/rumours) as ammunition when it comes to the situation i don’t wish to experience.

sorry for my abundance of emotions!

admist all this sadness incident, i am bubbling with excitement and there are lot of awesome pawsome moment circulating me. i smile though i just stared  at certain things and my mind often wander off when my friends are talking to me, i tend to give responses by nodding enthusiatically at a strategic intervals * smile sheepishly* i feel the love that i searching for like ages( PS: not satisfy but is happier than i was)

i felt so relieved when i told my deep dark secret( a small portion only) to bestiz that i have it inside my heart for a very very long time, but the little girl inside me shall not tell you those unspreadable secrets, i am an excellent secret-keeper, wtf! share your story with me please* pleading pleading* surprise surprise, i just awared of i rather have high level of tolerance with repeateable story, politeness is very crucial so i ensure my face looked attentive though i knew the story. haha..damn pro in this! and of course, DO NOT put me into this awkward if you see i am not in the mood in layan-ning you…be smart okies, i do not care enough whether you do it on purpose or have forgotten that you actually share the story, i will just slapped on the storyline with a extremely brutal way as i have mood disorders and it can be easily spotted. mood swing is very irritability but can’t change it since it is cultural inheritance, wtf!

i am not always on a somewhat shopping ban



Makes Me Wonder March 15, 2008

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After a long long waited time to post an first entry at my new house in Aussie, not able to write as the internet connection has not been activated properly in the past weeks till yesterday, oollalaa!

Can’t wait can’t wait for the Easter break, as the workload now is so tiring, have to get it done forcefully.

Sheirly, PeiWen, i loved what we did yesterday evening!

updates later!


Monday is mean wait for the weekends February 25, 2008

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hahhahhahahaa..ladies and gentlemen,agree or disagree with the title! I glimpsed it for awhile as this advertisement by Maxis deserved more attention than the usual when I was flipping through the pages of The Star newspaper. I wasn’t avid for more information, but kind of extremely interested in it( double ? ?) I have no idea what I am trying to deliver also *smack me*

White,blue,pink-collar workers and students except those from Kedah, Terengganu, Johor, Kelantan and Perlis which begin school one day ahead. Parents/charming young ladies and men are normally expressing utter frustration at being stuck in traffic jam, young children refuse to move out from their bed, the productivity measures goes down when they are pushed to the brink of overload, answering phone calls and you name the rest. Monday has been labelled by me as spirit sanks day! I personally dislike Mondays too as most of the time I lost my enthusiasm in performing well in various tasks *cough cough* and less desire to become involve in anything, hope it changes as I am turning to an officially young adult this year,haha!

The statement is quite true as everybody is hoping for the weekend to reach asap so they are allow to have a big rest day,have a romantic meeting with the boyfriend/ girlfriend, bringing dogs to the dog park, one week once family gathering!Lets try to see this in a different perspective,if you are working in a company that offers challenging and rewarding career, you mustn’t complaining much as you are able to gain confidence when you have the determination to tackle it. You will always get your arse off and kick every Monday morning as a HAPPY man/woman!

Ironically, people who have always like : arrgh, not again, having usual boring faces to look at in the office, dull working environment…guess what, you might not get a higher offer and company won’t even thinking about putting you to a comfortable position because you’re not an eligible young man/woman.

P/S : I am very lousy at packing lightly, please give me supports wtf!

See ya!!!


Am I Being Grouchy? February 23, 2008

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The answer is NO! not anymore.

I’ve eventually become immune to criticism(read : but I am still the person who is forgive but never forget). In my past, I was so stupid believe in somebody I truly thought is my soulmate, but I was awfully wrong to the max. So, may this ratty 2008 allows me to create a brand new profile shower with nice and better memories in my life. Hope it fills with hoo-ha.

I awakened to the reality world and slap myself for being so immature in the past few weeks, kept thinking about it like there is no tomorrow! Worrying so much will get me nowhere, why on earth should I bother it! Advises come and go, knock me over but things ain’t they used to be right now.

A circular tour in the friendship had given me a big change of myself, who is now blogging this entry.

Once again, to my past ‘soulmate’, who have been having a bitch about me, wake up to yourself! I know I am a bitch too, but I have self-realization,wtf!


An Instant becomes Everlasting

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oOo *scratching head*, thinking why I am so emo? Anyway, I had this title cross my mind when I was watching drama. Yeah yeah, I have to take the initiative and work out  my favourites and cross out the ones I hate. When I am filled with sorrow and I am also filled with nostalgia, the inclement weather drives me far away from it. It deeply pulling me down and is hard to not not think about it.

Nothing beats the voltage of the true love given by your family, when you ever did a mistake which really pissed off your parents, calm down yourself and come to think of the source of the argument. Parents usually are right even though you already know there aren’t the ways to make it. So, common, DO NOT STAND ON your DIGNITY firmly,as maybe your parents never let you get your own way,wtf. Moreover, many employer are looking employee with soft skills, critical thinking abilities, and hey YOU! Listen to me, chat casually with them regarding how things were actually going on, they aren’t stupid, they will listen to your advice( if your general advice is come out with bloody fantastic points). An instant brilliant minds could dismiss any nasty argument. Remember, home is where the heart is!

If a guy court a girl he likes so much, he will spend so much time,ignore no matter how hard life is, driving in at peak hours just to fetch her from work, uni, treat her sweetly, care about every single tiny bit things in her life..So sweet isn’t it, an instant action taken by the guy to show his interest in a girl who he likes might make the relationship everlasting.

Love is blind, when you love somebody, you cannot see their faults.Even more, when he/she is inherited with bad attitude, you will thought he/she is good till like nobody wins him/her ,wtf!  


Affectionate February 18, 2008

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In the silence, i could hear the clock ticking, I spent some time reminiscing the 3 months summer breaks in Malaysia. As usual, I has been very slack in my daily life till the mid of January. This is a symptom of depression I had in Australia so I was spending the few weeks just relaxing.

This is an advertorial or dedicated post =) judge yourself, Aud

Dear my lovely cousin, who has always sharing daily life stories, fuck those on the edge on us, love to talk till late night, watch various kind of video( not pornography), in short, we have endless of topics! She is my soulmate, i can’t deny this fact. Thus it makes me appreciate the Chinese New Year more than ever in 2008 as we hardly meet each other now, fyi, CNY is a great break for us, seeing outstation relatives! ( Audrey, aren’t we have a secret that is not allowed to share with our loves one,hehe) She is my INSPIRATIONAL ,love you to bits!

CHIANG CHIANG CHIANG CHIANG, I am proudly present you to the world!


                                                     Miss Audrey

                                                       Bye bye



RANT February 17, 2008

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Nah, why i start my most treasured possession(read: wordpress) in a non-gorgeous,unpleasant title?!

I have a really awful Friday outings as this incident is not what i expected to happen in this absolutely nice,stress-less afternoon..everything is just ruined with a simple click on a mouse, what on earth have we done to deserve this!Maybe we were wrong not taking the initiative to settle it,but an aggressive confrontation isn’t the best choice because it might ends up with a huge fight if the another party tend to continually act like they are the victim, what a nuisance! And i can’t believe we were so naive as to trust somebody, making a promise that shouldn’t be a promise at all, what the fuck!

I love what an e-friend told me, it reads ”In real life don’t give two fucks about how people perceive you as long your real friends know what kind of person you are,you don’t have anyone to answer but yourself and those who close to you.” don’t you just love it! Get lost ,bastard!

Let me bring back some happiness since this is my first entry, I guess I have slowly found myself and what i truly,deeply wanted to achieve in my life, although there were sudden change in my little world, i am glad to know it at this moment before it is too late.I’ll treasure my beloved one and keep it inside my heart and hope it is as hard as the stone during the caveman days, haha!

 PS: No picture will be uploaded yet, please bear with me ya!

        *** do you guys like my header?! credit goes to Audrey!***