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Adorable mini jug of milk and sugar for YOU August 14, 2008

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love reading blog but i am not too keen to update my blog, so this blog is gonna die on me sooner later! for those anyone of you who accidentally hop into my blog today on the 14 August, today’s lottery is yours, wtf!long long time ago, i even contemplated stopping blogging because i rather keep all my sweetest time/ memories to my own than spreading the goods. one being, i am really lazy to write and not pro in using fancy words to describe how good the events, people are! limited vocabulary, wtf! second, i am so sick with the outlay of my blog page, yeah..upgrading this site by borrowing cc from my dad would definitely get me to hot soup! however, i just swap my daddy cc to buy something online which is quite expensive, i kept this buy under his nose, waiting for the drama between dad and daughter to happen next month when the bill reach him! haha, anyway my mom know what i have purchased!

anyone out there please listen to me, currently mia is so fringgin stress on how to manage my unruly hair! fyi, i do not dare to let the angmoh to trim my hair, been hearing the bad quality of hair style they produced! if i am currently in melb or whereever, i would definitely absolutely surely go for a hair cut!!! but i will be so indecisive right before i willing to let myself in to the saloon.again because i want to let my hair grow like there is no tomorrow, wth and i am not comfortable with stranger handling my hair! i blame nobody except me if the result is kua kua( read in cantonese)

just incase you guys have forgotten how am i look like, pictures here

family portrait for my 21st at Grand Chancellor Hotel

family portrait for my 21st at Grand Chancellor Hotel

what an angle! i have no boobs and looking extremely FAT FAT in this pic!

what an angle! i have no boobs and looking extremely FAT FAT in this pic!

oh lord, duno why i layered myself on that day, i was supposed to dress up but heck too sleepy and headache when i woke up, ended up i spent most of my day feeling frumpy!

okies la.dun feel like wanna insert any more photos, since i plan to upload in at my facebook account!

bye everyone!


Affectionate February 18, 2008

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In the silence, i could hear the clock ticking, I spent some time reminiscing the 3 months summer breaks in Malaysia. As usual, I has been very slack in my daily life till the mid of January. This is a symptom of depression I had in Australia so I was spending the few weeks just relaxing.

This is an advertorial or dedicated post =) judge yourself, Aud

Dear my lovely cousin, who has always sharing daily life stories, fuck those on the edge on us, love to talk till late night, watch various kind of video( not pornography), in short, we have endless of topics! She is my soulmate, i can’t deny this fact. Thus it makes me appreciate the Chinese New Year more than ever in 2008 as we hardly meet each other now, fyi, CNY is a great break for us, seeing outstation relatives! ( Audrey, aren’t we have a secret that is not allowed to share with our loves one,hehe) She is my INSPIRATIONAL ,love you to bits!

CHIANG CHIANG CHIANG CHIANG, I am proudly present you to the world!


                                                     Miss Audrey

                                                       Bye bye