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New skin March 29, 2009

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Pitythis little blog of mine! i have dumped it for an extremely long period of time.

Guess is time for me to revamp my little wonderland a bit ūüôā


Car May 2, 2008

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The first and crucial decision at my current status*ahem ahem* is thinking of purchasing a car, not the¬†second/third…hand cars( hopefully), i mean a BRAND NEW one hehe.i am not ashamed to tell you guys about the moving vehicles over here(TAS)¬†PS: i capsed it!¬†are not classy.back to malaysia, cars there are considered well enough even you are just driving small little cute national car,KANCIL. what the hell here, the smallest is KANCIL¬†some more¬†the body of the car has not been well maintained,needless for me to describe farther.

ok, i am dead tired whenever i need to walk to uni with my ’11’ transportation. i miss those days that i just threw on¬†my books and few pairs of shoes at the back of my car and ZOOM to college. although i was sick of the traffic¬†and bottleneck that frequently happened in penang bridge and the paradise, i still love the car driving days.conveniet, comfortable,independent.

i miss my car,Myvi

yeah, i am suck in pumping petrol because i always been too aware¬†in reminding myself to take back my cc when i am done, the receipt and check the fuel tank whether it is overflow( experienced it¬†a number of times,damn useless)..haha, told you i have never be good in this, i guess everyone should know the fuel tank¬†that should not be filled to the brim as¬†“a some air space must be left above the fuel to allow for expansion and also for fuel to recirculate from the engine. This is essential for purposes of maintaning a constant fuel system pressure,as well as maintaining a uniform temperature thorughout the fuel system.”( The Star)

i have wonder why i was so refuse to stop when the pump has snapped off, the only excuse i can tell is i wanted to round- up the cost of fuel.

can anyone drop some suggestions on how to make my appetite dwindle even more?




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I capsed the title because sketches by her are so awesome, i plainly love how the arts are not positioned and the bouffant hairdo, she has such an impressive natural talent in the artdeco..kesian me, every piece of my art works back to high school was so kao ugly until duno what! is so not presentable to the world…i think you will puke after seeing it.believe me!

i personallly think that arts have some kind of magical power that i couldn’t describe..eerm eerm..they are¬†able to glue us together even you are continents apart, in short art itself has the power somehow.

i questioned myself> why i have no skills at all in art performance, that is just so not fair! well, incase i failed in searching for jobs in future( i foresee it,wtf)  at least i can have a new career path cut out for me.

 The Fafi #1 The Fafi #4

The Fafi #4

The Fafi #2


Sighing and Saying April 16, 2008

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i noticed most of the bloggers( excluding me)have time to blog even though they hardly do anything school- related when they have papers due in the very near future,lol..

this semester passing way by too quickly and all i did¬†in the past few weeks is slacking a little and then back to where i supposed to be doing now( S.T.U.D.Y)…oh god, please help me refrain from anything( eg. snacks, series, web surfing and you name it) than studies..¬†i have priorities in life but i am so easily distracted by¬†voices and ‘tangible’ things sitting right in front of me ^.^

gonna stare at my books and notes again.

2 tests on tomorrow,my life expectancy decreased by 5 years since semester begin.

All the best to myself!