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Am I Being Grouchy? February 23, 2008

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The answer is NO! not anymore.

I’ve eventually become immune to criticism(read : but I am still the person who is forgive but never forget). In my past, I was so stupid believe in somebody I truly thought is my soulmate, but I was awfully wrong to the max. So, may this ratty 2008 allows me to create a brand new profile shower with nice and better memories in my life. Hope it fills with hoo-ha.

I awakened to the reality world and slap myself for being so immature in the past few weeks, kept thinking about it like there is no tomorrow! Worrying so much will get me nowhere, why on earth should I bother it! Advises come and go, knock me over but things ain’t they used to be right now.

A circular tour in the friendship had given me a big change of myself, who is now blogging this entry.

Once again, to my past ‘soulmate’, who have been having a bitch about me, wake up to yourself! I know I am a bitch too, but I have self-realization,wtf!


RANT February 17, 2008

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Nah, why i start my most treasured possession(read: wordpress) in a non-gorgeous,unpleasant title?!

I have a really awful Friday outings as this incident is not what i expected to happen in this absolutely nice,stress-less afternoon..everything is just ruined with a simple click on a mouse, what on earth have we done to deserve this!Maybe we were wrong not taking the initiative to settle it,but an aggressive confrontation isn’t the best choice because it might ends up with a huge fight if the another party tend to continually act like they are the victim, what a nuisance! And i can’t believe we were so naive as to trust somebody, making a promise that shouldn’t be a promise at all, what the fuck!

I love what an e-friend told me, it reads ”In real life don’t give two fucks about how people perceive you as long your real friends know what kind of person you are,you don’t have anyone to answer but yourself and those who close to you.” don’t you just love it! Get lost ,bastard!

Let me bring back some happiness since this is my first entry, I guess I have slowly found myself and what i truly,deeply wanted to achieve in my life, although there were sudden change in my little world, i am glad to know it at this moment before it is too late.I’ll treasure my beloved one and keep it inside my heart and hope it is as hard as the stone during the caveman days, haha!

 PS: No picture will be uploaded yet, please bear with me ya!

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