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Isogashii May 9, 2008

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konnichiwa! hajimemashite, watashi wa seokyong desu.

Mai-nichi isogashii desu!mata raishuu…

ja ne!


Friggin Stress May 4, 2008

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  • i should be studying for my finance mock tomorrow
  • finals are one measly month away and here i am procrastinating like crazy by surfing blogsphere, watching series
  • who is kind enough to download Gossip Girl for me, i will pay you,wtf!

anyway, this is a quick update as my passions in updating my blog are so high currently. and i promise pictures of me are gonna be appear in this post in the near future. as i am so kiasi, incase you guys forget how seokyong looks like and i won’t be receiving birthday wishes and presents for my 21st birthday.haha

that’s all for now!


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Makes Me Wonder March 15, 2008

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After a long long waited time to post an first entry at my new house in Aussie, not able to write as the internet connection has not been activated properly in the past weeks till yesterday, oollalaa!

Can’t wait can’t wait for the Easter break, as the workload now is so tiring, have to get it done forcefully.

Sheirly, PeiWen, i loved what we did yesterday evening!

updates later!


Monday is mean wait for the weekends February 25, 2008

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hahhahhahahaa..ladies and gentlemen,agree or disagree with the title! I glimpsed it for awhile as this advertisement by Maxis deserved more attention than the usual when I was flipping through the pages of The Star newspaper. I wasn’t avid for more information, but kind of extremely interested in it( double ? ?) I have no idea what I am trying to deliver also *smack me*

White,blue,pink-collar workers and students except those from Kedah, Terengganu, Johor, Kelantan and Perlis which begin school one day ahead. Parents/charming young ladies and men are normally expressing utter frustration at being stuck in traffic jam, young children refuse to move out from their bed, the productivity measures goes down when they are pushed to the brink of overload, answering phone calls and you name the rest. Monday has been labelled by me as spirit sanks day! I personally dislike Mondays too as most of the time I lost my enthusiasm in performing well in various tasks *cough cough* and less desire to become involve in anything, hope it changes as I am turning to an officially young adult this year,haha!

The statement is quite true as everybody is hoping for the weekend to reach asap so they are allow to have a big rest day,have a romantic meeting with the boyfriend/ girlfriend, bringing dogs to the dog park, one week once family gathering!Lets try to see this in a different perspective,if you are working in a company that offers challenging and rewarding career, you mustn’t complaining much as you are able to gain confidence when you have the determination to tackle it. You will always get your arse off and kick every Monday morning as a HAPPY man/woman!

Ironically, people who have always like : arrgh, not again, having usual boring faces to look at in the office, dull working environment…guess what, you might not get a higher offer and company won’t even thinking about putting you to a comfortable position because you’re not an eligible young man/woman.

P/S : I am very lousy at packing lightly, please give me supports wtf!

See ya!!!