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I capsed the title because sketches by her are so awesome, i plainly love how the arts are not positioned and the bouffant hairdo, she has such an impressive natural talent in the artdeco..kesian me, every piece of my art works back to high school was so kao ugly until duno what! is so not presentable to the world…i think you will puke after seeing it.believe me!

i personallly think that arts have some kind of magical power that i couldn’t describe..eerm eerm..they are able to glue us together even you are continents apart, in short art itself has the power somehow.

i questioned myself> why i have no skills at all in art performance, that is just so not fair! well, incase i failed in searching for jobs in future( i foresee it,wtf)  at least i can have a new career path cut out for me.

 The Fafi #1 The Fafi #4

The Fafi #4

The Fafi #2


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