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Sighing and Saying April 16, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — seokyong @ 2:40 am

i noticed most of the bloggers( excluding me)have time to blog even though they hardly do anything school- related when they have papers due in the very near future,lol..

this semester passing way by too quickly and all i did in the past few weeks is slacking a little and then back to where i supposed to be doing now( S.T.U.D.Y)…oh god, please help me refrain from anything( eg. snacks, series, web surfing and you name it) than studies.. i have priorities in life but i am so easily distracted by voices and ‘tangible’ things sitting right in front of me ^.^

gonna stare at my books and notes again.

2 tests on tomorrow,my life expectancy decreased by 5 years since semester begin.

All the best to myself!


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